We are so happy to let you all know, we are having the opportunity of contributing to the success of two micro-enterprises. As a part of our Triple Bottomkiva Line Statement, we have the commitment  to give back to the community a percentage of our Net-profit. We aspire to support civil movements, Non-profits organizations, cultural associations or micro-enterprises.

We want to take this opportunity to have our first Crowdfunding experience, so, we would like to know how the things work from the other side, be an Crowd-investor.  Thinking of what kind of business we would like to support, we defined three top priorities:

* Managing by  Latino women. Living in a rural area.

* Financial needs should not be higher than $5.000

* Striving for a community impact.

Considering those points, we have chosen these two Micro-enterprise owners to support:

They do not reach their financial needs yet, so, please join us and support them!

We have still put $75 down to support one o two more Micro-enterprise owners. We still want to take our three top priorities into account, plus we would like to support at least one Latino woman in U.S.A. Please, let us know if you or your organization is backing one Micro-business that fulfill those features.

3 first lesson learned:

* There are so many Crowdfunding sites, you will have to take previously some time you think of what kind of business project you would like to support.

* A year ago, I thought Crowdfunding would  change  the Financial world. Well, it is not a future, it is the present. The change is here.

* You feel so good when you do what you want.

Have a good day!crowdfunding


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