2013-05-20 12.43.21 (2)What I like the most in this world it is a good long conversation that is the best way to share and exchange knowledge.

Professionally, I have always striven to work for organizations with very meaningful missions. Personally, I have a long story volunteering because I have always felt  I could contribute to a good social cause in my spare time.  That was before I became father when the day time has become very short. ARCOS give me the opportunity to combine my profession, my family-life and my volunteering time. I like to call this my Pro-personal time.

After working within the Public Administration system, the private sector and the ONG sector. I have accumulated a large experience in Entrepreneurship, SME development, strategy consulting, microfinance, program management, social innovation and sustainability.

You will find my detail Resume on Likendin but let me break down a list of organizations where I have worked:

My education is still ongoing but I have obteined the following Degrees: