DSCN1025I love being a teacher. Along all these years teaching, I have been able to observe how kids from different countries and cultures develop their skills and become a very well-educated grown-ups.  I know it is a cliche but they really are our future. I believe if we enable them to be bilingual we are giving them a better opportunity to be successful in this globalized world.

It´s important that children who experience socioeconomic disadvantage have the opportunity to learn English in order to provide them a better future but it´s also important that children growing up under more advantaged circumstances learn Spanish. In this way, there will be a better understanding of the Latin American culture and these children will have the tools and insights to drive the future development of regions of Latin America.

I have been a teacher for 10 years. For two of those years, I worked in the United States for Denver Public Schools in immersion programs where I had the opportunity to receive training in language pedagogy, materials development, assessment and evaluation and cross-cultural communication at Colorado University.

My experience is focused in language teaching and I have been working in public and private schools with students of different levels and cultural backgrounds. Because of these varied experiences I have had the chance to learn and utilize different pedagogical teaching styles.

I hold bachelor’s degrees in Educational Psychology and in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Bilingual Teaching.

I am a public employee of the Spanish Government since 2007 and I have been awarded a grant to research second language immersion programs in Canada. I also completed a teacher training course accredited by the British Council in Edinburgh


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