3  factors to set up this section:

  • We want to share our culinary experience with all of you. And, as good Mediterraneans, our passion for the food.
  • Practice our entrepreneurial physiological habits as creativity, learn from the mistakes and set a plan of activities. Many times, I have found a solution for a problem when I was cooking.
  • We want to sound coherent with our motto “Think globally, Making personally”

Our challenges:

  • Will we able to pull out your little chef that you carry inside?
  • Will we able to cook simple, tasteful and  creative dishes every week?
  • Will we able to make easy, one of your family supper of the week?

Let’s start and try new tastes!


Let me introduce Jose Andres to  you, he is an amazing Chef but more important in our case, he is an entrepreneur who beat his cultural and language barriers and went to USA, looking for being success. Currently, he has a few restaurant around, as well as, a TV show called Made in Spain.